Spovelax Training Program

  • Power
    Playing soccer requires you to sprint, jump and move around the soccer filed using fiery power. To build power, do jump training, also known as plyometrics. Examples of Plyometric exercises are squat jumps, box jumps, scissor jumps, lateral jumps, and depth jumps. With a minimum of eight reps, do each of those plyometrics.
  • Speed and Agility
    Agility refers to being able to move quickly while maintaining control and form of your body. Speed and agility are skills that go together in soccer as you weave through the players with the ball. To help you strengthen your hip flexors and with your quickness, do high knee drills. As fast as possible, run between two cones lifting your knee to your chest. A regular uphill run will increase your stride length and do short sprint intervals to quicken your leg turnover. Sprint for 10-second intervals at your maximum level. Use a number of obstacles to create an obstacle course requiring fast footwork. Time yourself and increase the intensity of the course when you see an improvement.
  • Dribbling and Passing
    The important skills you need to move the ball as fast as you can across the field and pass it to teammates who are in better position than you are dribbling, and passing. Some examples of passing exercises are kicking the ball with the inside of your foot against a wall so that the ball will bounce back to you, or pass back and forth with a teammate. Using both your right and left foot, pass at both short and long distances. These drills will prepare you for passing and dribbling in a game.
  • Shielding, Tackling and Trapping
    The skill of protecting the ball from opponents while you pass or shoot it is shielding. Learn the technique of using your body as a shield between an opposing player and the ball by watching some professional games. A defensive skill used to keep the other player from getting the ball when you are receiving, trapping or shielding the ball refers to tackling. In this skill you can best use your feet and body to block your opponent’s access to the ball. A one-on-one soccer will enhance you shielding and tackling skill. Using your foot, thighs, chest and head, learn to trap the ball when it comes to you. Use these body parts mentioned earlier to touch the ball, slow down and get you in control. Lastly, the skill of having someone throw the ball toward you in the air is trapping.
  • Shooting and Goalkeeping
    To enhance your shooting skill, alternate both feet from different distances and kick the ball against the wall or into the goal. It is an edge if you shoot with both feet because in a game one foot is in a better position than the other. To improve your goalkeeping skill, do the rotational lunge and reach drill. Step out into a lunge with your front leg at a 90-degree angle with your arms positioned straight overhead. . Bend forward at the hips for you to touch your chest to your front thigh, reaching through your hands. Do this skill with both of your legs. Try standing in front of a goalpost and lunging in different directions after lunging straight at your front. In order to improve your gatekeeping skills, practice catching the ball with a teammate.




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